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Ulisse Tour Operator promotes Sicily and Italy. The Destination Management is one of our core business and thanks to our 10 years of experience, we are definitely able to offer you the best available accommodations and services in the whole region.

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About Us

About us

Ulisse Tour Operator is a local DMC in Sicily operating mainly in incoming tourism. Sicily is our main destination. Nevertheless, Italy is available on request.

Our History

Born from the combination of three women’s experience, creativity and passion and from their mixed origins, Spanish and Italian, Ulisse Tour Operator, from almost a decade, offer to its clients an unforgettable travel experience through a different vision of Italy. Therefore, such a difference in origins is reflected in the Sicilian identity considered as a mix of cultures that increase the company expertise. In other words, Ulisse Tour Operator makes their clients’ wishes come true, creating an interesting combination of styles and professionality and offering them all colourful sides of Sicilian traditions, such as: art, culture, food, wine and nature. Furthermore, remembering the Greek hero, be ready to enjoy your adventure in the land of myth and legends, of classical beauty and people’s history, of art and heritage, of food and wines. Thanks to the experience in travel industry, Ulisse is also D.M.C. and we will be happy to organise for you your congress, events and incentives in the unique Sicilian location, because this is our passion!

founders of ulisse tour operator in Sicily, Italy

2019 Most Appreciated Cities

Palermo 0
Taormina 0
Catania 0
castle in Sicily, Erice




cattedrale di sant'agata in catania, Sicily



small island in taormina, Sicily showing the sicilian crystal clear water


cathedral of Palermo during a sunny day with blue and clear sky


characteristic beach in Realmonte, Agrigento, Sicily called scala dei turchi with a particular white mountain


Aeolian Islands

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