Ulisse Tour Operator promotes Sicily and Italy. The Destination Management is one of our core business and thanks to our 10 years of experience, we are definitely able to offer you the best available accommodations and services in the whole region.

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Tours for Groups

Ulisse Tour Operator offers an unforgettable travel experience for Groups in Sicily and Italy, from the point of view of a local DMC.

A main activity for our DMC in SIcily is dealing with Groups.

Groups in tourism can be divided in Ad-hoc Groups and Regular Groups. Our group department deals with both ad-hoc and regular groups. We can offer various solutions depending on the context, on the requests and nationality of the group members.

Ad-hoc Groups
DMC in Sicily – Italy

Ad-hoc groups are carefully planned by our staff, which is always ready to provide a different version of Sicily or Italy. Our goal is to create an interesting and unconventional Sicilian tour. In other cases, since an ad-hoc group may have different requests, we are able to meet your request thanks to our destinations flexibility, that allow us to plan hundreds of different tours for the same region, which differs for interests of the group or other factors.

Regular Groups
DMC in Sicily – Italy

Regular groups, instead, have a scheduled travel plan. We provide many alternatives of plans, which allow the group, for instance, to visit the whole region of Sicily, or only a part of the region. We provide services such as accommodation, restaurants, local guides, tour leader, airport transfers etc. in order to have a perfectly planned tour for the group. Regular group’s services and departures are scheduled in advance and depending on the requests, we guarantee the services you need such as 4-star hotels, a tour leader and a local guide for each destination.

Groups are a cornerstone for us in Ulisse Tour Operator. Thanks to our experience in travel industry, as a DMC in Sicily, we can create an interesting combination of styles and professionalism. We offer all colorful sides of Sicilian traditions and Italian destinations, including art, culture, food, wine and nature.

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