Ulisse Tour Operator promotes Sicily and Italy. The Destination Management is one of our core business and thanks to our 10 years of experience, we are definitely able to offer you the best available accommodations and services in the whole region.

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DMC in Sicily

Why a DMC in Sicily? Because in Sicily you will find everything you ever wanted for a wonderful holiday in the Mediterranean!

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. It has a rich heritage of history and art and together with the smaller islands, the Aeolian, Ustica, Egadi, Pantelleria and the more distant Pelagie, it is the largest region in Italy. Here you will find a mix of culture, nature and art with the most beautiful landscapes you have ever imagined and a mild climate from April to October. Four international airports: Catania and Comiso (Eastern Sicily), Palermo and Trapani (Western Sicily), are well connected with all national routes and with many European capitals.

Sicily - Land of Myth

Sicily – Land of Myths

Your Tour Operator & DMC in Sicily:

Sicily – Overview

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, Sicily is the largest island in this basin (25,832.29 km²). Surrounding it are a number of smaller islands. To the north the Aeolian Islands and Ustica, to the west the Egadi Islands, to the south the Pelagie Islands and the island of Pantelleria (a total of 26,117.69 km²)


The Coast

Its coastline, predominantly rocky to the north, sandy to the south, covers an area of approximately 1000 km. In ancient times, because of its triangular shape, it was given the Greek name ”Trinacria”, later named Sicania and finally Sicily, a name that was common throughout the Middle Ages in southern Italy.

The island was divided for centuries into three ‘Valleys’ (Val Demone, Val de Noto and Val de Mazara), then in the 19th century, into seven provinces and finally from 1.927, into nine.


The Landscape

A great deal of movement characterises the Sicilian landscape: the island is mountainous and full of hills. The most important is the Etna massif (protected in its entirety by the establishment of a large natural park), located in eastern Sicily. The volcano, with an approximate height of 3,300 m, is the highest still active volcano in Europe.

Along the northern coast, stretching from east to west, is part of the Peloritani, Nebrodi and Madonie ranges, whose peaks rise up to 2,000 m.

At the end of the Madonie and to the west of the Torto river are some irregular limestone formations, isolated or in groups, which face gentle hills.

To the east, between Messina and Etna, the Peloritani chain continues, quite similar to the mountains of Calabria.

Further south, again to the east of the island, is a sequence of plateaus made of lava, tuff, mostly limestone, carved deep into the earth by suggestive cavities shaped by the flowing waters. The centre of Sicily is hilly. This is the so-called sulphurous plateau, with an altitude varying between 500 and 700 metres (at the top of this plateau, at about 1,000 metres, rises Mount Etna).

The Climate

The climate is definitely Mediterranean, with hot summers and short, mild winters. The highest temperature is recorded in July and August – on average 30 C°; the lowest between December and February – on average 10-14 C°. The water temperature varies between 16 C° in winter and 27 C° in summer.

For a trip to Sicily, not having ‘bathing’ as the main objective, we recommend the central months: mid-April to mid-June and September to October.


Tourism in Sicily

As a DMC in Sicily, we basically promote our destination worldwide, becoming a reference point for Italian and foreign Tour Operators and Travel Agencies, and providing all the services necessary for organising events and tours in Sicily.

We are therefore a reality that also deals with MICE and Events.


MICE in Sicily

If you are interested in organising your events in Sicily, we can be your solution. Tourism in Sicily is not only leisure and classic travel. Events in Sicily play a key role in the incoming tourism sector.


Main Destinations

Find inspiration among our destinations. Choosing a Tour Operator in Sicily means discovering little-known but surprising places, but also saving budget and time.

Main Destinations

Find inspiration in our destinations. Choosing a Tour Operator in Sicily means finding unknown but surprising places, but also saving budget and time.

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