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Ulisse Tour Operator promotes Sicily and Italy. The Destination Management is one of our core business and thanks to our 10 years of experience, we are definitely able to offer you the best available accommodations and services in the whole region.

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MICE in Sicily

Ulisse Tour Operator deals with MICE in Sicily. We’ll be happy to organize what you need in Sicily. MICE is vital to us and Sicily is a perfect destination for these MICE activities. We offer an unforgettable travel experience through a different vision of Sicily and Italy, creating an interesting combination of styles and professionalism and offering all colorful sides of Sicilian traditions: art, culture, food, wine and nature.
Thanks to our experience in travel industry, Ulisse Tour Operator is also a DMC that promotes Sicily all around the world. By doing so, we are an experienced local partner for other Tour Operators or Travel Agencies worldwide. We will be glad to organize for you your congress, events and incentives in the unique Sicilian location, because this is our passion!

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10-Year Experience

After 10 years in the field of MICE and Events, we've been collecting a very large wealth of experiences, treasuring all of them.

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Tip: Taste Sicilian Wine and... Cheers!

Sicilian wines are unique and more than 30 of them are PDO/GPI Wines. If you love wine, it would be another reason for you to discover Sicily.


In Sicily during the wine making process, some winemakers are still used to press grapes with feet.


30+ Sicilian wines are recognized as PGI by the European Union.


40+ Grapes varieties grows perfectly in the Sicilian fertile soil.


Sicilian wines constantly win awards and prizes because of their excellent quality.

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