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Aeolian Islands


The Aeolian Islands are considered as sisters of the Pacific pearls, the Hawaii. The Aeolian islands are seven enchanting islands that were originally uninhabited or sparsely populated. However, today they are very popular thanks to tourism. It is a popular destination among VIPs, in particular Panarea. One of the most characteristic island is Vulcano. Vulcano seems to be a remains from prehistory, its territory have been smoking between waves and boiling mud gas for centuries. The eruptive mouth throat of Vulcano rises to 386 meters. Vulcano's large crater can be reached without too much efforts or great dangers. Another interesting area to visit concerns the caves of alum and sulfur galleries, where in Bourbon period, a population of prisoners convicted to the extraction of precious mineral lived. Talking about Aeolians, we must mention Lipari, which is probably the most important island. Lipari has always been the heart of the archipelago. Its museum, one of the most interesting in the Mediterranean area, retains lots of traces of the islands history and of the following stratification. In the open-air excavation, enclosed among the massive walls with towers, found traces of 5.000 years of civilization which are still readable have been discovered. Furthermore, Between Canneto and Acquacalda, two charming villages are still untouched by mass tourism. The main characteristic is the spectacular obsidian flow of the Red Rocks stretches to the sea. Don't forget he monumental cliffs of Perciato, with spectacular sea stuck beyond which gas and sulfurous smokes of Vulcano rise. Lipari is an Island for all tastes, offering shady gardens smelling of jasmine and basil, sunny terraces opened to the sea, where the culinary hospitality has its own tradition. Another fabulous island is Salina. Visiting Salina has to entail visiting the Monte Porri and Monte Fossa delle Felci. Here, rising at almost 1.000 meters high, the old crater has been colonized by giant ferns that, in addition to the blooming vegetation of Salina, give a typical tropical look to this island. Not far from Salina, Alicudi and Filicudi, stand out against the sky. Far from the touristic crowd, both islands offer areas where abandoning yourself and for meditation, something that is almost unimaginable in the chaotic rhythms of our civilization. Near Canna, a rich sea bottom made of sponges and corals provides an incredible view for lover of underwater photos. Another place of great charm in the Aeolian archipelago is Panarea. Apart from being the favourite destination of some VIPs, Panarea makes you see boiling bubbles of gaseous vapors worshiped in the ancient time, considered as a place of worship dedicated to Hephaestus. In Panarea, Capo Milazzese preserve a perfect trace of the cultural composition which lasted from 1.440 to 1.270 BC, creating an interesting archaeological settlement. Moreover, you may visit Stromboli, which lifts from the sea-water with its dry symmetric shapes constantly dominated by eruptive smokes. In Stromboli you can find Ginostra, a small village on the island that can be reached only by the sea through its port, the smallest harbor in the world. Beyond the black and glassy beach, rises the Strombolicchio, the main channel of the volcano, a fascinating natural sculpture where fire, water and wind left their eternal sign.

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