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Cefalù is one of the most beautiful towns in Sicily. Due to the strategic importance of the area protected by a rock, and the fertile soil, there were already settlements there in prehistoric times. Their presence is attested by evidence found in the caves on the eastern side of the rock. The history of the urban centre only begins in the 5th century BC. The remains of the megalithic walls surrounding the town at the foot of the rock date back to that time. The ancient name of Cefalù, Kephaloidion, probably derives from the Greek Kefalas, meaning 'head'. The Duomo SS. Salvatore dominates the square and plays an important role in the urban organisation of the town, as its size stands out from the other buildings, expressing and emphasising the authority of the religious power it represents. Inside, the apse, transept and adjacent walls are decorated with golden mosaics culminating in the great Christ Pantocrator, a perfect example of pure Byzantine style and production, perhaps the most sublime portrait of Christ in Christian art. Below are the Virgin, Angels and Apostles, all arranged according to the criteria of the liturgical hierarchy.

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