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  One of Trapani's main characteristic is its notorious port. In the past, the port of Trapani as well as its strategical position, made this city very attractive from an economic point of view. Trapani's economy depends mainly on its closeness to the sea. Actually, fishing and canning are the main local industries. Trapani's main fishing activity regards tuna fishing. Apart from tuna, Trapani is notorious for coral export as well as salt, marble, and marsala wine. Salt is a milestone of Trapani because the nearby coast is lined with lots of salt-pans which were originated by a phenomenon of  seawater evaporation. Its ferry port links to other important destinations such as Egadi Islands, Pantelleria, Sardinia and Tunisia. Another fundamental structure that makes Trapani notorious is its airport, namely the Trapani-Birgi Airport.  


  • The Church of Sant'Agostino - 14th century
  • The Church of Santa Maria di Gesù - 15th–16th centuries
  • The Basilica-Sanctuary of Maria Santissima Annunziata -1315–1332
  • Fontana di Tritone
  • The Baroque Palazzo della Giudecca or Casa Ciambra.
  • The Cathedral - 1421,
  • Church of Maria SS. dell'Intria
  • Church of Badia Nuova
  • Castello di Terra
  • Ligny Tower - 17th-century

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